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unnamedA Home Assessment, also known as, a Comparative Market Analysis will tell you the value of your home. It is the first step a homeowner takes before listing a property for sale with a Realtor.  Sometimes a homeowner may want to know the value of their home out of curiosity. Other times a homeowner may need proof of their home’s value to fight a property tax increase. No matter the reason, it is okay to request a FREE Home Assessment. As a licensed Realtor, I am able to provide a reliable Home Assessment report without visiting the property.

How do I do it, you asked? 

I have access to tons of local property and neighborhood information so therefore able to give a very accurate value without seeing the property in person. Of course, your home must be viewed by me in person if thinking or wanting to put it on the market. If this is your case make an appointment TODAY at 210-850-0083 and let’s discuss how I can help you.
Anyone can receive the value of their home for FREE rather you intend to list it or not, just ask by completing the form.

Request a FREE Home Assessment!