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Top 5 Reasons People Sell Homes

Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value 

1. You have outgrown your current home and need more space immediately

2. You are tired of paying the energy to cool and heat a house that is too big

3. You want a better school district.

4. You want to be closer to your job or relocating out of town for your job.

5. You need to sell the family home because you parents have gone to rest


Home Selling Services


  • Free printed advertising to cover the cost of selling your home
  • Free professional photographs of your property
  • A custom home evaluation to show the value of your home
  • Free staging (if needed)
  • Free online advertising
  • Open House upon request, because not all homes require one & not all sellers want one
  • Pre-listing presentation which includes dates for to-do list, moving sale assistance and other planning help I am there to guide you throughout the process.

I have other services I provide, but the first step to selling your home is making contact with me, so we can talk about the move and plan the journey to you next home. I have helped many people sell their home and buy simultaneously so contact me to discuss how I may be of service to you. Please feel free and read the testimonials.

Tips for Increasing Your Home's Value

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Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

There are many tips for increasing your home’s value and reasons to do so. It can be a fun project to undertake and at the same time make the house more suitable for your family. However, this does not always turn into value added when you go to sell. Increasing your home’s value the right way can payoff if completed the right way.

The type of tips for increasing  your home’s value would be to keep updates in line with other houses in the neighborhood. Houses in communities have similar values based off how well the home owners in the neighborhood take care of them.  Making sure major components like the HVAC, roofing and insulations are well maintained also play a part in a home’s value.  

Here is a visual of the top ten remodeling projects and the average cost recouped nationally:

Tips for Increasing Your Home's Value

These are national averages, so depending on where you live, it can be higher or lower. The point is these are the numbers for the masses and you can gauge which projects to undertake based on the return on investment. Of course, having this information doesn’t guarantee added value, but it does show what projects return the most on average.

*Keep in mind, adding value to a home is not a science. If you complete a kitchen redo for $50K on a $100k home, it will not add 81% more value to your house.

Below are the Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

  • Remodel with mass appeal in mind. Potential buyers are usually attracted more to neutral, mainstream design.
  • Don’t go cheap when it comes to construction. Use durable, quality materials. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, honestly evaluate your ability to do it right.
  • Don’t remodel in a different style from the rest of the house. Additions and improvements that look “tacked on” may detract from a home’s appeal.
  • Turning a bedroom into a bathroom is a mistake – it reduces the number of bedrooms, a chief selling point.

If you don’t have the money to take on major or minor remodeling to increase value, then you can at the least keep your home clean. This is an added value when it comes to selling your home. Also you would want to make sure the outside of your home has good curb appeal.

Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value with just Curb Appeal:

  1. Wash the windows and remove cobwebs and bugs
  2. Trim the hedges
  3. Cut and edge the lawn
  4. Sweep the sidewalks and driveway
  5. Plant some colorful flowers out front

The reason for these small things is simple: If two similar homes in the same area are both for sale, the one with the cleanest and most appealing front yard will sell first. Now that you have the national averages on remodeling and understand adding value to a home has guidelines, contact me directly for an appointment. I would love to answer your questions, give an estimated value on your home and work with you to sell your home for top dollar!

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