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    This blog page is where I will post the most up to date information on the San Antonio housing market, discuss situations about changes within the housing industry, cover current situations to avoid when buying or selling and lastly give any helpful and fun information for my clients to enjoy.
   As a Realtor in the great state of Texas I am licensed to sell houses, condominiums, town homes, land and farms within the entire state of Texas. I specialize in the San Antonio area and that seems to be my base. So as a Realtor what kinds of services can you expect? Well, it depends on which side of the deal I am representing my clients on. The needs of a person buying a house are different than the needs of a person wanting to sell their house.
Let me start off by saying I have several designations that qualify me as a real estate agent with more specialties to get the job done! Who would you rather have on your side; A person who sells real estate, that isn’t full-time and has no additional training or someone like myself who is a full-time San Antonio area Realtor with several designations training under my belt and experience in both the buy & sell side. The answer is easy, it’s the one person with the expertise and experience to guide you through your housing journey needs.
Feel free to review all my blog content to see if there are any information you see that you be interested in. If there is information listed below that you are interested just “GET IN TOUCH” with me by clicking the button. 


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