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    Rental Listings With Realtor Ray

  Rental listings averages in San Antonio for the year 2016 was $1300 and it seems to be rising. Our great city of San Antonio has grown over the last couple years and anyone renting or wanting to rent for $900 to $1000 a month are finding it more difficult to be in the area they want and have the space they need.

It can be very frustrating when you have to give what is now customary in this area a 60-day move out notice. As a full-time Realtor I am able to help you and your family find a duplex for rent or any other type dwelling to call your home.

Why Realtor Ray 

I can help you with renting/leasing options from an apartment to single family home. Realtor Ray is here to help, no matter if you need a short term lease agreement or long term lease agreement, helping you will be my pleasure. I provide this type of service for Free to all renters, because I am compensated by bringing tenants to a confirmed & approved lease property.

Research Rental Listings

  It’s a winning situation for the renters as well since I am able to make viewing appointments, show rental listings and even negotiate leasing agreements of the lease if credit issues are a concern. Plus, I can research information on any property or area only Realtors have access to see. Another reason I like working with renters is I know eventually they will want to buy a house and I hope within a year or two they remember me so I can assist them in making the transition from renter to homeowner.

Buy vs Rent

Renting is great for a short term solution. The long term goal should be to buy a home. I can help by pointing you in  the direction of programs like rent with the option to buy, rent to own, owner financing and more but, I can also sign you up for a  Homeownership Incentive Program (HIP).

Should I Buy or Rent

This is a question that everyone asks themselves. The answer depends on your situation. If you are just looking to be in San Antonio for a short period of time maybe renting would be more for you. Then again maybe you will be here a short time and want to buy it, so you can  rent or sell it later when you are ready to leave San Antonio.

You would now be investing at that point. This would provide an extra income, I can help you either way. Maybe you had a stroke of bad luck and your only option is to rent vs buy. Nonetheless I can help you with whatever option you choose. I will say that it’s important to know that you long term goal should be to buy no matter where you are because a house is a investment.

If you’re still asking should I buy or rent then you need my help more than you realize. I can help you by giving options for your situation. Don’t think you don’t have options, because you do. I am just the guy that can break it down to and put things into perspective for you.

Why Buy vs Rent in San Antoniolease agreement,Rental Listings, Duplex for rent, apartment for rent, buy vs rent, should I buy or rent

  • When you own a home the interest and property taxes paid on your mortgage can be deducted from your federal income tax

  • If you are a Veteran with 100% disability you do not pay property tax on your primary home in the state of Texas

These are only two examples why homeownership is awesome in saving money in both cases. Being a homeowner also gives you pride and the feeling of being secure knowing the home you purchased makes you and your family have a place to truly call home.

Lease Agreement Options  

There are many types of dwellings you can rent or buy and as a Realtor I have rental listings and buyer listings. Now if you want to rent/lease a dwelling I can help you with your lease agreement. Here are just a few different types of dwellings where I can help you with your lease.

Condos For Rent

A condo is a apartment or office building type of dwelling. Each unit is owned by a different person. These can be a good size depending on your budget for rent. These can be cheaper rent options if you don’t need a lot of space or amenities. Fill out my contact form and I will reach out to you, so we can see what your needs are for a condo rental.

Duplex For Rent  

A duplex is a house having separate apartments for two families, especially a two-story house having a complete apartment on each floor and two separate entrances. Fill out my contact form and I will reach out to you, so we can see what your needs are for a duplex rental.

Townhouse For Rent

A townhouse is like a duplex except a townhouse is three floors or more. These types of dwellings can provide more square foot and if it is needed. Fill out my contact form and I will reach out to you, so we can see if your needs are aligned with a townhouse rental.

All the above dwellings are the most common people get into a lease agreement in San Antonio. These are also common dwellings investors buy, so they can rent them out and get a return on their investment. The ones listed are “common” dwelling people rent; however we I can get you into a house as well. It all depends on what you need or want. If you are visiting this site for a friend we have a referral program .

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