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Ray McCurtyHello, my name is Realtor Ray McCurty and I am a San Antonio Area Realtor licensed in the state of Texas. I help people just like you every day with their housing needs. As a Realtor in Texas I am licensed to work on all sorts of real estate transactions from Residential to Commercial to Property Leases and anything in between.

 Why Choose Ray McCurty

What I like best about real estate is being able to help people and share my knowledge of the San Antonio real estate market. The majority of my work comes from helping everyday people buy their first home, sell their existing home and placing people in properties to lease. I spend a lot of time answering real estate related questions everyday. There is not one question I cannot answer because I have a team of professionals working with me to include lenders like Gold Financial Services San Antonio TX, escrow officers at title companies, home inspectors and let’s not forget my brokerage office Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Don Johnson Realtors which happens to be the oldest real estate brokerage in the San Antonio area. We’ve been around since the late 1960’s and have four offices around town.

Who is Ray McCurty

Here’s a little background about me. I grow up in Wisconsin and settled in Washington, D.C. after completing a 4-year tour duty with the U.S. Navy. Once released from the military I went to school and earned my A.A. in Business Management from Anne Arundel C.C. and; studied at Walden University several years with a Business Administration focus. I lived in Washington, D.C. for about 8 years before relocating to San Antonio 10 years ago. Mine how the time flies by. The reason for the move was actually due to real estate. At the age of 28 years old I purchased my first home in Washington, D.C. on the VA assistance program. When I sold my first home a few years later I was able to buy a home with the sale proceeds in San Antonio, Texas. That was the start of my career with housing and love of the San Antonio market.

Ray McCurty Final Thought

You see, I help everyday people looking to buy or sell a home. This is the bread and butter of my work. I have experience helping those wanting to buy a home to live in, those wanting to sell a current home and move up to a bigger home and I help investors wanting an investment property in the San Antonio area. The Ray McCurtybest part is my services are Free. Why, you may ask? When I work as a buyer agent I am compensated by the seller. Meaning the house, I help you get into I am paid by the actual seller whose house is being sold. If you are looking to sell your home, then of course you will need to speak with me about how to sell your house and what it will cost you. The fee is paid at closing and nothing is asked from you as a seller to pay upfront. I do not charge one nickel for advertising your property for sale, taking professional photographs of your property or charge for any staging cost if applicable and best of all I negotiate top dollar for your home.

If all this is too good to be true, call me at 210-850-0083 and let’s discuss your concerns. I’m be willing to answer all your questions over the telephone and of course we can meet at my office Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Don Johnson Realtors located at 16845 Blanco Rd. Suite #101 San Antonio, TX 78232 anytime.

I look forward to hearing from you soon! 🙂


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