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Commercial Real Estate

There are several types of real estate investments. Some categories of commercial real estate are listed below.

Are you at the place in your life where you are thinking of investing in your future? Whether you open a small business like a shop or a bar, or purchase investment property, commercial real estate investment has great potential to make your vision become a reality. The benefits include providing a revenue stream from rental income or small business revenue, increasing property value, and possibly depreciation and other tax advantages.

To get to a good decision, however, you will need to do some thinking first. You will want to decide what kind of real estate investment you want.

Types of Commercial Real Estate

There are several types of real estate investments. Some categories of commercial real estate are listed below.


Office space – rated Class A, B, or C, for desirability and rents they can command.


Shopping centers, malls.


Heavy manufacturing, light assembly, bulk warehouse, flex industrial.


Apartments and similar. Types include High-rise, mid-rise, garden style, walk-up and others.


From limited service to casinos and resorts.

Special purpose

Such as amusement parks, churches, self-storage, and bowling alleys.

Buying vs leasing Commercial Real Estate

When it comes to leasing commercial real estate, according to Forbes, it is important to remember that it is business. Do not fall in love with a commercial property too soon. Locate two or three properties, and negotiate with them. Compare price per square foot, customer appeal and terms.

Buying commercial real estate can be a very good investment for your small business, providing an additional revenue stream to augment your small business income. If this is something you are considering, according to Investopedia it is important to understand that commercial property is valued differently, and to always be on the lookout for a good opportunity. They advise that it is always best to have an exit strategy. An exit strategy is a means to sell or transfer the property when it meets certain requirements (either in performance or based on other goals you may have).

Finding Great Deals via Grants and Programs

You will want to take advantage of government sponsored growth initiatives. There are state and federal programs available to help you get started.


You may be wondering, “Are there commercial real estate grants near me?”

In San Antonio, store owners can apply to take advantage of two kinds of commercial real estate grants to beautify the exterior of their property and make it more inviting. StoreFront Grants are matching grants that must be matched dollar for dollar by the property owner and used for facade improvements. There are also Choice Facade For Improvement Grants available. These are special grants of up to $25,000 for property located in the Choice Neighborhood footprint. Both of these grants are provided by the SAGE (San Antonio Growth for the Eastside) program.


If you are a veteran, it is a smart move to look into the land sale events administered by the Texas Veterans Land Board three times per year. Veterans get first crack at properties that have been forfeited.

Veterans are also eligible to take advantage of a special Texas loan program for properties of at least one acre in the State of Texas. They offer some very affordable commercial real estate interest rates.

Other investors and would – be business owners can also bid on these properties after the initial period.

The Small Business Association also offers a 504 Small Business Loan. Their commercial real estate interest rates are very favorable. Check it out here.

You may also be wondering, “Are there commercial real estate agents near me? If so, how do I find them?”

Ray McCurty is an experienced commercial real estate broker right here in San Antonio. He can help you locate properties and negotiate a purchase of your very own commercial real estate!

FAQs about Commercial Real Estate

Can veterans get business loans?

Yes, they can get land loans through traditional sources or special opportunities through organizations such as the Texas Veteran’s Board.

How can I find commercial real estate deals?

Talk to your San Antonio Real Estate agent Ray McCurty. He can show you what is available as well as point out special programs that you may qualify for.

What’s the difference between real estate vs real property?

Real estate is tangible. It includes land and its improvements (structures, features, etc.) Real property is real estate as well as the legal rights and uses attached to the land.

Are churches considered commercial real estate?

Yes, churches are a specialized type of commercial real estate.

What is considered commercial real estate?

As above, the major categories include offices, retail, multifamily rentals, industrial and special purpose  properties such as churches, bowling alleys or storage units.

Are apartment buildings considered commercial real estate?

Apartment buildings are commercial real estate.

How do you find a commercial real estate agent?

Ray McCurty is a fully qualified realtor. He is ready to assist you in locating a perfect commercial property that will meet your needs.