Rent to own homes-How rent to own works

Over the last generation of home buyers in the USA, a common method of buying a home for those without the credit rating to secure a traditional mortgage has been the rent to own option. This is no different in the San Antonio area, and although it is not as popular today due to a [...]

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Self-Defense is Good Offense

Christmas season is here and everywhere you go there is happiness and joy. For most of us, this time of the year is full of love, fun and giving. However, don't let your guards down. Others prefer to go the opposite route and take advantage of people's good nature. While venturing out to see all the [...]

Help With First Time Home Buyer Fears and First Home Buyer Loan

A first time home buyer in the city of San Antonio can have fears that surface before the process even begins, buying your first home can be a bit frightening. First time fear is normal when you are a first time home buyer. For starters, you are unsure of the process to go through [...]