Home Buying Requirements in San Antonio

Understanding home buying requirements in San Antonio can be tricky. You probably opened your first bank account in high school when you got your first part-time/full-time job; perhaps your parents made you open it to teach you responsibility over your money and so you can keep track on your spending.  If you are old [...]

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Mortgage Down Payment Gift Funds

Just Married, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary; those are the occasions you hear about getting gifts.  Have you ever heard anyone say, “Congratulations on buying your house and I’m happy to help with the down payment”? Many first-time homebuyers receive mortgage down payment gift funds to buy a home. That blessing comes with rules that must [...]

Stop Renting!

Homeownership is easier to obtain than most renters realize. Pros and cons of renting a house. The cost to own a home can literally be the same as putting a down payment on a brand-new car. When you purchase a new vehicle, you put several hundred or a couple thousand dollars down at the car [...]

Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

Should I refinance my mortgage in San Antonio Texas? This is a question many homeowners have in the City of San Antonio Texas. A lot of homeowners in San Antonio Texas don’t  know the reason why they should consider a refinance on their mortgage. Many do not know the answer to the question "Should I [...]