About Realtor Ray McCurty

Hello, my name is Realtor Ray McCurty and I am a San Antonio Area Realtor licensed in the state of Texas. I help people just like you every day with their housing needs. As a Realtor in Texas I am licensed to work on all sorts of real estate transactions from Residential to Commercial to Property Leases and anything in between.

Reasons San Antonio is Great for Real Estate

San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas with a population of 1.4 million behind Houston with 2.2 million. Nationally speaking San Antonio is one of the most affordable major cities to live in and to buy residential properties.  Even if the San Antonio Spurs were not the NBA Champions five times and the [...]

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Hi! I’m Realtor Ray…

   This blog page is where I will post the most up to date information on the San Antonio housing market, discuss situations about changes within the housing industry, cover current situations to avoid when buying or selling and lastly give any helpful and fun information for my clients to enjoy. [...]

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