Nothing says, “Welcome to Adulthood” like buying a home. You’re taking on new responsibilities, but you may not realize how much they can impact others. Meeting your new responsibilities will reward you and your family for years to come with greater equity, happier neighbors and a better living environment for your family.

Financial responsibilities: Paying your mortgage on time helps you build better credit and gets you lower interest rates for refinancing or a new purchase loan some day. Limit the credit you actively use and pay off balances every month. Try to save as much as you comfortably can with the goal to build at least six months of cash on hand. You’ll be able to make your house payments in case of emergency.

Neighborhood responsibilities: Protect your investment and that of your neighbors by keeping your lawn and trees trimmed, your home freshly painted and repaired and toys and trash picked up from the yard.

Household responsibilities: Your home should help make you and your loved ones safer and happier. Don’t take on more house than you can comfortably afford. Try to choose the best home for the needs of your household without creating anxiety over monthly bills.

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