Hurricane Harvey Protect Yourself and Your Home in San Antonio

Some find it hard to believe, but the truth is Hurricane Harvey could cause major disruption to the city of San Antonio. Heavy rain and high winds are expected to hit in San Antonio late Friday night or early Saturday morning. While you cannot stop the storm from coming, you can take the proper steps to ensure the safety of yourself and your home.


First and Foremost, your Priority is to Think Survival.

What would you need to live if the electricity went out for several days?

Would you have food, water and other survival items to ride out the storm?


Here is a checklist of items to help organize your household as you prepare for the Hurricane Harvey:

  • Bottled water by the gallons should be stocked first. Have enough for the entire family plus pets to last for at least several days.


  • Extra batteries for flashlights and a portable radio are a must. A supply of candles with several lighters or matches are a good ideal too. (Do not leave lit candles unattended throughout the house.)


  • Nonperishable foods like ready-to-eat canned beans, fruits, vegetables, meats and juices. Have enough for the entire family and have a family discussion ahead of time that the food is for use only if the power goes out. In the meantime eat the food in the refrigerator first. (Make sure to have a manual can opener and not only an electric one.)


  • Pet food for the beloved family pets and again enough water for them too.


  • Disposable cell phone as an emergency backup in the event your daily cell runs out of battery life or gets broken.


  • Board games like chess, checkers, trivial pursuit or playing cards are a good ideal not only for kids to be entertained, but also for adults to take their minds off the storm. Having books and magazines nearby for the family to enjoy are also a good source of entertainment. Remember kids, pets and teenagers will be stressed if the power goes out, so have something for them to do. Even drawing & writing can keep the family occupied for hours.


  • An Emergency First-Aid Kit with Band-Aids, rubbing alcohol and other bandages in case of an accident. Include any presubscription drugs and over-the-counter medicine with the kit. Make sure to have enough to last a week or more.


When it comes to protecting your home from Hurricane Harvey, do these simple things to shield your property.

  • Store loose items away from your yard like patio furniture and garden decorations which can become airborne easily in a major storm. Walk around the perimeter of your house before the storm arrives and put away anything of value that may be destroyed by heavy rain, wind and flying debris Hurricane Harveylike BBQ grills, outside kid toys, pool chairs etc.


  • Clean your gutters before the heavy rain starts to ensure they are free of debris and ready to do the job of disbursing water. When the rain falls the water will need to go somewhere. Better to have it drain away from your home through the gutters than have it backup causing water damage in your walls or drain down cracked window seals.


  • Cut tree limbs touching the roof of your home before the storm arrives. It will save the roof from the constant rubbing of branches against the tile which can cause leaks.


  • Park your vehicle in the garage to protect it from flying debris which can break your car window allowing the rain to come in causing interior water damage.


  • Cover house windows. If you have shutters on your home it is a good ideal to use them to protect the windows from being broken during the storm. You can board your windows also with plywood and screws which serve the same purpose as shutter.  Keep away from the windows and doors which can break under the pressure of the storm even when covered.

Having a family plan to keep everyone safe and protect your home as much as you can will make you feel prepared and organized. It can be very stressful when housebound and not being equipped before the storm hits can make it quite nerve-wracking. Batten down the hatches and take care of yourself and your family.

If you have any good tips to share about preparing for the storm please feel free to add them here under this post. San Antonio has experienced major storms in the past and has survived so be cautious, be prepared and may you all be safe as Hurricane Harvey makes it way to San Antonio. Remember to SHARE this POST with family and friends so they can be prepared for the storm too.

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You can track the storm at the National Hurricane Center 


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