Every Client Was Once a Stranger

As a Texas realtor, I communicate with a lot of new people daily about real estate. Rather I’m talking over the telephone because someone received my printed Real Estate Newsletter, answering E-mail questions from my monthly electronic Real Estate Newsletter, following up with variety of people on my real estate list or even in person while doing everyday activities like pumping gas and grocery shopping.

Texas Realtor Here

Admittedly I wear my name tag when I’m out in public during business hours and I have a sign on my vehicle letting everyone know I’m a Texas Realtor, but that’s not the point. The point is I communicate with a lot of new people daily and I don’t mind. I chose to make myself available to strangers and share my knowledge on housing and the San Antonio market. I try to make a real estate list of people I can help no matter what size the bank account. I love talking about real estate it has become more and more of a passion, just because I get to meet new people.

Let’s Talk About Real Estate

When you become a Texas Realtor like myself and meet people on daily bases you become a people person. With that said I don’t mind discussing everything I know about real estate and sharing information on it with others. Even if those others are “strangers.” I encourage anyone reading my website & reading my blog posts to reach out to me with any questions about real estate in the San Antonio area market, the process of buying, selling or leasing property and even specific questions like “What is the value of my home”.

Texas Realtor a Stranger?

I have spent time telling what I am about, I hope you get a better understanding of who I am and that we don’t have to be strangers. I honestly want to help you with your first investment, buy a home, sell your home and even get you into a house to rent. These are all thing I can do for you. I won’t waste your time because I am all about real estate in San Antonio. Don’t forget we don’t have to be strangers fill out your info here and I get a automated E-mail and I will get back to you. I will make sure you are added to my real estate list and I will make sure I do my best to help you.

Last, But Not Least My Real Estate List

I know that I have mentioned my real estate list a couple times, but when you fill out my form, I will contact you. When I do you can ask about a FREE information file for you to read over. The file will be depending on what you are trying to accomplish. I keep them updated all the time whether you want to know more about selling, buying, investing or renting it’s all up to you. When I reach out ask about how you can get the FREE information file on your topic. Just click on my Get in Touch button and fill out the form and you will be added to the Real Estate List. Thank you.

Contact Texas Realtor About Real Estate

Contact me at ray.mccurty@gmail.com or simply submit your questions via this site SanAntonioAreaRealtor.com where it reads GET IN TOUCH.

I never grow tired of answering questions no matter how I receive them so please take advantage and let’s talk real estate San Antonio!

– Realtor Ray McCurty

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